Meaning of Mea culpa

What is Mea culpa:

Mea culpa It is a Latin phrase that means exactly "because of me" and it is mentioned, generally, when a person recognizes and admits a mistake or sin.

The origin of the locution mea culpa It is in a prayer of tradition, of the liturgy of the Roman rite, called in Latin Confectioner, and translated as "I confess." With this prayer the individual confesses and voluntarily assumes his sin before God.

Mea culpa It is also translated as "my fault" or "my own fault", even, the message can be emphasized mea maximum culpa, whose translation is “my great fault”.

Now, as a synonym for guilt, the following words can be used, infraction, fault, crime, stumbling block, error, sin or slip.

Below are some examples in which the phrase is used mea culpa, "Given what happened, I announce mea culpa and I take full responsibility ”; "The minister intoned mea culpa and apologized in public ”; “The team mentioned the mea culpa before the fans disillusioned by the mistakes made ”.

As you can appreciate mea culpa It is used to assume the responsibilities and consequences of the acts committed or of a specific matter.

That is, an error is admitted individually or in a group, depending on the case and, even, this position can be considered as an act of courage and commitment in search of amending what happened.

See also Atonement.

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