Meaning of Measure

What is Measure:

Measuring is determining or calculating how many times a standard unit fits in a certain place.

Measure derived from Latin metriri which means “to compare a result with a previous unit of measure”.

The action of measuring calculates results on material objects with measuring instruments that contain the desired units called measure.

The instruments to measure are, for example, tape to measure in centimeters or in inches. The instruments are determined by units of measurement such as: kilometers, meters, centimeters, kilograms, among others.

There are different instruments that are used to measure, for example:

  • the weight of an object such as a scale,
  • the transfer speed on the internet such as speed tests that measure the amount of kilobit per second (Kbps),
  • connection speed such as tests that measure the number of megabits per second (Mbps),
  • the body mass index or bmi with the general formula for weight / height²,
  • the intensity of a mechanical force with the dynamometer,
  • among others.
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