Memorandum Meaning

What is Memorandum:

The memorandum or memorandum refers to something that must be remembered. It is a word that comes from Latin memorāre which means "to remember." However, it is a word that can have several meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

In the field of organizational communication, a memorandum is understood to be that text or written communication, which is intended for a group of people in particular and, in which a request for a work report or information of interest about one can be made. or various action items.

In the same way, a memorandum can be understood as a report in which an important topic, recommendations, instructions, among others, are presented, which can be directed to a particular department or can be general.

If it is a diplomatic statement, a memorandum is a text that does not require to be signed by the person who issues it and that is used as a reminder about a fact or reason of importance due to its difficulty or seriousness.

It is also called a memorandum to the notebook that people use to make notes and write down all those matters that they consider necessary and important to remember briefly or in the near future.

In Chile, for example, a memorandum can refer to a note or information that is passed in writing to a colleague in the office informing about a particular point or it can also indicate a bank receipt.

Parts of a memo

The memorandum is made up of a set of fixed parts, in which important data must be placed and that differentiate it from other informative and communicative texts.

Among these parts can be named: place, date, code, recipient, subject, body of the text, farewell, signature, copy for the sender and footer, if necessary.

It should be noted that the memoranda do not contain a closing paragraph. The information is simply transmitted and concluded with a signature and stamp.

However, the language used to write a memorandum is of a formal type, which conveys respect and evokes the importance of the matter to be communicated and transmitted.

The content, meanwhile, tends to be brief, clear and direct. The intention of this type of text is that the information is transmitted quickly and effectively, especially when it is a serious subject.

You can start the text of a memorandum as follows, for example, "I inform you", "please", "hereby", among others. The goal is for the text to be direct and clear.

On the other hand, there are two types of memorandum: simple and multiple. Simple memoranda are used when you need to make a matter known to a specific person, for example, the delivery of a work report or the announcement of an activity.

For their part, the multiple memoranda are aimed at a larger group of people who need to have knowledge about a particular matter that is usually of interest to all workers, for example, a vaccination day at the company's facilities, among others. .

Example memo

Below is an example of how an informational memorandum should be written.

México, D. F. July 3, 2017

Memorandum No. 237-025

Lic. José Linares Castro

Purchasing manager

Subject: training course

All employees of the administration and finance area are hereby summoned to participate in the training course "Business Administration" that will take place next Tuesday, July 14 of the current year, in the Sala de Together, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

It is important to have your assistance.


Ana Lucia Lopez

Human resources manager

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