Memory Meaning

What is Memory:

Memory is the brain's ability to retain and recall events from the past, be they specific sensations, impressions, feelings, or ideas. Etymologically, it comes from the Latin word memory.

It is in memory where we store our learning throughout life, as well as the knowledge that we consider most important and useful. When we are able to store memories for long periods of time, be it days, months or years, we use our long-term memory. On the other hand, when we refer to that type of memory that is more effective in retaining memories of recent events and immediately, we are talking about short-term memory.

A memory can also refer to a writing that may well be a study on a certain subject of academic interest, such as the memory of bachelor's or bachelor's degrees, or it can rather be a list of facts that collects the testimony or impressions of certain events, which may or may not be related to the author's own life: "García Márquez explains in his memoirs the genesis of One Hundred Years of Solitude."

Memory can also be used in a collective sense, when, for example, the memory of a nation in political or historical matters is appealed to in order to understand the meaning that its societies have taken: "A people without memory is condemned to repeat its history."

As memory we also name the monument that is erected to commemorate some event or illustrious figure.

Sensory memory

Sensory memory refers to the ability to register very short-lived stimuli with our senses, to retain and store them as memories. It can be of the echoic or iconic type. The first, relating to the sense of hearing, refers to the ability to fix in memory, immediately, what we have heard or have been told. While iconic memory, related to the sense of sight, implies the registration in our memory of a visual impression, since the image persists in our brain beyond the vision of the image itself. However, sensory memory is extensive to all the senses, such as touch, taste or smell.

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