Meaning of healthy mind in healthy body

What is a healthy mind in a healthy body:

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" is a quote from Satire X written by the Italian Décimo Junio ​​Juvenal or in Latin Decimus lunius luvenalis in the 1st century BC.

The original Latin phrase is ‘Orandum est ut sit mens sāna in corpore sānō’ which translates as 'let's pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body' and fits within the context of Greek philosophy on cultivating the mind, body and soul to achieve balance.

It is presumed that the phrase "a healthy mind in a healthy body" is also the authorship of Plato (427 - 347 BC) but it is not possible to verify it because he did not leave a record of this phrase.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" was born as a prayer or prayer for the gods to help us cultivate a healthy mind and a healthy body to keep our soul healthy.

In the 19th century, "healthy mind in healthy body" no longer referred to the balance of mind and body but specifically to the cultivation of the body that would result in a healthier mind.

This trend is catapulted due to the need to promote modern gymnastics techniques by introducing physical education as a pedagogical discipline and the creation of the Olympic Games by the Frenchman Pierre Coubertin.

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Nowadays, the cultivation of the harmony of the body and the mind has been replaced by oriental practices such as yoga or the use of mantras of Hindu or Buddhist origin that help to reach a meditative state of relaxation and balance both of the mind and of the body.

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