Meaning of Lie

That's a lie:

The lie is an expression or manifestation that is contrary or inaccurate to what is known, believed or thought. The word, as such, derives from lying, which in turn comes from Latin lied.

The lie is to be untruthful, it is to be dishonest, that is to say what is not thought, it is to express feelings that one does not have, it is to create vain illusions, it is to offer false impressions, it is to be unfaithful to ourselves and our relatives, it is to fear To the consequences of sincerity, it is to deceive and, above all, to fail the trust that the other has placed in us.

In this sense, the lie is an anti-value, since it goes against the fundamental moral values ​​on which interpersonal relationships are based, such as trust, honesty, sincerity and truthfulness. Therefore, while the truth fosters relationships based on trust and mutual respect, the lie fosters mistrust, a climate of suspicion, doubt and disbelief among people. Thus, the lie destroys the relationships we establish with others, as it betrays the trust they had given us.

The reasons why people lie are multiple: to obtain a benefit, to not accept a responsibility, to avoid a task, not to assume a truth, among many other reasons. However, the moral problem with lying is that the achievements that are achieved through it are based on false foundations, without solid foundations. In this sense, lies create mirages and illusions, and represent a form of denial of ourselves, our truth and who we really are.

On the other hand, as a lie, a typo or mistake can also be designated in writing or printing. Likewise, colloquially, the white spot that sometimes appears on the nails is often called a lie. Lie, too, is the name given to the noise that the joints of the fingers make when we stretch.

The expression "lie", on the other hand, is used to refer to what is not really what it seems, but is a deliberate imitation: "They created a false country where all politicians are decent men."

See also Post-truth.

White lie

A white lie is a false statement or information that does not affect anyone or cause consequences or havoc in the lives of anyone involved. The white lie is only intended to relieve conscience, but it does not cause harm to anyone or has moral implications.

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