Meaning of Meritocracy

What is Meritocracy:

Meritocracy is a merit-based system. That is, hierarchical positions are conquered based on merit, by virtue of talent, education, competence or specific aptitude for a certain job position.

Meritocratic society tends to embed the concept of talent with effort. As such, it is a concept related to the prevalence proportionate between the intellectual capacity that the individual possesses with the set of activities linked to the job.

The term is widely used especially in the area of ​​administration, specifically in public administration, and even public competitions originated, with the aim of combating the succession of positions and nepotism, prevailing competencies without being related to plugs or favors, blood relations, among other causes.

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In relation to the above, meritocracy is also used in private organizations, which led them to adopt valuation criteria for their employees, and thus be able to perform the functions according to their abilities and skills.

Meritocracy allows creating a just society, since everything achieved by individuals is due to their efforts and merits throughout their lives, and not for other causes such as their surname, wealth, sex, religion, politics, among others.

In reference to this point, there are opinions of sociologists and researchers that indicate that meritocracy is an ideology that serves to justify those who occupy positions of privilege, and to hold responsible those who did not make the necessary effort to possess the knowledge to win.

They exist according to the area in which it develops different types of meritocracies. For example, the educational meritocracy is one that values ​​the efforts and trajectory of a teacher; Labor meritocracy is one that values ​​employees who have consistently managed to meet set goals; Meritocracy in a company can be considered labor but privileges the trajectory of an employee in the position he exercises.

Despite the above, it can be deduced that meritocracy is not as it is presented. For example, to obtain an enrollment in the best universities in a country, a lot of intellectual capacity is needed, which individuals with great purchasing power are prepared with excellent private teachers, who sometimes already have knowledge of how the evaluations will be, evidencing a Difference with those who do not have economic power to prepare in such a way. Taking into consideration, all those who without economic power, and by their own merits achieve the objective.

On the other hand, meritocracy has been used in a pejorative sense to indicate that the main positions are occupied by individuals who belong to a dominant or privileged class. However, the antimeritocratic practice leads the system, specifically public and private institutions, to reduce its results and effectiveness.

In English, meritocracy is meritocracy.

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