Meaning of Mestizo

What is Mestizo:

Mestizo refers to the children of parents of different ethnic descent, especially between white and Amerindians.

Mestizo derives from Latin mixticius indicating the mixing of something.

The term mestizo was used as by the Spaniards at the time of their arrival in America to designate those children of a Spanish father or white European and an indigenous mother.

The mestizos are defined as one of the castes of the so-called New Spain and it was used with a negative connotation that defined a lower class and hierarchy.

The mixture of the Spaniards took place mainly with the natives of the original peoples of America and the blacks brought from Africa as slaves. The latter are known as mulattoes.

See also Slave.

In addition to the mestizo and the mulatto, there was the Creole, a descendant of naturalized Spanish parents or born in America. The Creole, despite having privileges for being a direct descendant of Spaniards, was discriminated against by the Spanish crown.

See also Criollo.

The word mestizo is today used by the people of Latin America with pride, because it represents their multiculturalism and the history of miscegenation in America.

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