Meaning of Methodology

What is Methodology:

As a methodology, it is called the series of methods and techniques of scientific rigor that are applied systematically during a research process to achieve a theoretically valid result. In this sense, the methodology works as the conceptual support that governs the way in which we apply the procedures in an investigation.

The word, as such, comes from the Greek μέθοδος (méthodos), which means ‘method’, and the suffix -logía, which derives from λóγος (logos) and translates ‘science, study, treatise’. Hence it is also defined as the science of method.

We can find methodology in different areas of study, such as the didactic methodology in Education, or the legal one in Law, in the same way as for the solution of certain problems we can apply a series of specific steps that, in short, function as a methodology.

Investigation methodology

The research methodology is a knowledge discipline in charge of developing, defining and systematizing the set of techniques, methods and procedures that must be followed during the development of a research process for the production of knowledge.

It guides the way in which we are going to approach an investigation and the way in which we are going to collect, analyze and classify the data, with the aim that our results have validity and relevance, and comply with the standards of scientific demand.

The research methodology, in this sense, is also the part of a research project where the criteria adopted in the choice of methodology, be it quantitative or qualitative, are exposed and reasonably described.

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