Meaning of Microscope

What is Microscope:

As a microscope we call an instrument that is used for the observation of objects too small to be seen with the naked eye. The word, as such, is composed with the suffix micro-, which means 'very small', and the stem -scope, ‘Instrument to view or examine’.

Microscopes allow us to obtain magnified images of objects, to be able to detail, study and analyze them. In this sense, they are used in various areas of knowledge, such as biology, medicine, archeology, etc.

The microscope was invented in 1590 by a lens maker named Zaccharias Janssen. In 1655, Robert Hooke devised the first compound microscope, in which two lens systems were used to improve visual magnification. The invention of the electron microscope in the twentieth century, meanwhile, meant the ability to magnify the image of an object 100,000 times.

Since the invention of the microscope, there have been important advances in science and medicine. It was fundamental, for example, for the discovery of cells, protozoa, bacteria, sperm, red blood cells, etc.

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