Meaning of Militarism

What is Militarism:

Militarism designates the preponderance of the military and military doctrine in the life of a nation, as well as their influence on state policy.

Militarism is established when the armed forces, as an institution that possesses weapons, exerts influence, either through its members or as an institution, in the political leadership of a country.

The military are indeed an important part of the power structure of a state, and because of their discipline, organization, respect for hierarchical systems, and esprit de corps, they are a potentially influential organization.

Militarism, then, usually occurs in societies with still immature or little consolidated political systems, or moments of disorder or confusion. Hence, the emergence of militarism is considered a symptom of backwardness or weakness of the political system of a country.

Militarism, as an ideology, considers that the military, due to their discipline, are the most prepared elements to assume the efficient management of a society and guarantee the security of the nation.

But militarism also usually comes in the form of a desire for political power and the privileges that it brings. Furthermore, it generally ends up imposing principles of military life on civilian life, in contexts where they are inappropriate or seriously threaten fundamental civil liberties.

Throughout history, many nations, societies, and nations have been militaristically oriented. Sparta, in Ancient Greece, for example, was a society organized around a warrior system. Militarists were also the Japanese Empire, the British Empire, the German Empire, the First French Empire, Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, the Soviet Union or the United States.

In Latin America, there are also multiple cases of militaristic governments, such as Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Honduras, Venezuela, Panama, etc. These militaristic states have generally been military or fascist dictatorships. However, it should be noted that militarism can also exist in democratic societies, such as the United States.

One of the essential characteristics that show the militaristic turn of the politics of a country is the spending that this one allocates to the armament.

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