Millenials Meaning

What are Millenials:

Millennials, or generation Y, refers to those born between 1982 and 1994. There is no consensus on the dates, and some consider the beginning of the millennial generation since 1980 and its term may extend to the year 2000.

Millennials, a name derived from millennium In English, they are considered a generation that grew up with technology and popular culture developed between the 80s and 2000s, therefore, they are people familiar with technology.

The millennial generation, millennials In English, it is found just after the generation called X, or that of Peter Pan, and before generation Z, or centenials, who are born after 1995.

The names given to the sequence of human generations from the Second World War are:

  1. Generation Baby boom,
  2. Generation X or Peter Pan,
  3. Generation Y or millennials, and
  4. Generation Z or centenials.

Characteristics of millennials

Today, most millennials are old enough to enter the labor market. In this sense, the characteristics of this generation have had an impact on the forms of work, since they are not content only with job stability like the previous generation.

The most characteristic features of a person who falls within the millennial generation are, broadly speaking, the following.

Tech junkies

Despite not being digital natives like the next generation, called generation z, millennials grew up with the appearance of the first technologies and social networks, living with them for much longer than the previous generation.

Higher education

Millennials are characterized by having more education than the previous generation. The vast majority have a professional higher education degree and tend to speak at least two languages.


The generation born between the 80s and the end of the millennium in 2000 is usually classified as people with a very strong entrepreneurial spirit. This may be due to the search for jobs that have more meaning than a stable job for life.

Active citizens

With very strong moral values, the millennial generation, or generation Y, tends to be actively involved with movements and communities that feel that they represent them. In this matter, they are active in social networks, organizing and participating in events for their causes.

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