Meaning of Mine

What is Mine:

Mío is a possessive adjective in the first person singular, which indicates that something is, belongs to, is related to or is associated with the person who speaks or writes. The word comes from Latin meus.

It is always used after the name: my love, my house, my father. If it is placed in front of the name, it is shortened in me: my love, my house, my father.

Its masculine singular is mine, while its feminine singular is mine. In the plural, masculine and feminine they are mine and mine, respectively: my dears, my friends.

The expression "mine", used as a plural noun, with a specific article, is used to refer to the family, the group or the collective, to which the person who speaks or writes belongs and for which he has a sense of belonging. For example: "I have spent a magnificent evening in the company of my family."

Mine, on the other hand, refers to the favorable or opportune occasion to do something from the point of view of the person speaking or writing: "At last mine came, said the parish priest, referring to the opportunity to speak with the governor." .

Mine, on the other hand, refers to the activity or trade that does well or in which the person who is speaking stands out: "My thing has always been medicine."

In English, it can be translated in different ways depending on the context: as mine: “a friend of mine" (a friend of mine); What dear: “dearsir" (My Lord); What my: “good bye, my friend" (bye my friend).

Is it mine or mine?

The correct way to write this possessive pronoun is Own, with graphic accent on the i. The shape Own corresponds to the interjection used to call the cats or the third person singular of the past perfect indicative of the verb miar, equivalent to meow. For example: “Mine, mine, kitty! Come here". You've heard? My cat must be near here ”.

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