Meaning of Mythomania

What is Mythomania:

Mythomania is pathologically lying. It is considered a psychological disorder where the person is unable to stop lying, blurring reality.

The person suffering from mythomania feels that they must lie because they need to change their reality to make it more tolerable.

The mythomaniac does not lie as a form of comfort or to mitigate the feelings of others, he systematically lies falsifying his reality and can become a problem for life if not treated correctly with the help of a specialist.

Symptoms of mythomania

Mythomania is characterized by the fact that the person does not lie only in one aspect of his life. This behavior is transferred to all aspects of your life. On the work level he will invent a life, on the sentimental plane another, and from lying so much he builds a life that is a fantasy life.

Psychologists have defined some of the sensations or symptoms that a mythomaniac usually feels: excessive anxiety, constant fear of being discovered, constant search for acceptance, low self-esteem and helplessness.

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Causes of mythomania

The mythomaniac does not feel good about himself and that is why his reality becomes intolerable. There are reasons such as, for example, historical issues, family origin, events or circumstances lived at another time that make the present of the mythomaniac impossible to live if he does not change it with lies.

The German psychologist Anton Delbrueck (1862-1944) was the first to coin the term ‘pathological lying’ as a ‘psychological aberration’ in 1891, in modern terms it is a psychological disorder.

At that time it was already discussed that for the mythomaniac "the material reward or social advantage does not seem to be a motivating force", instead "the lie is an end in itself".

Treatment of mythomania

The mythomaniac person can be treated when he feels like recovering for his well-being and that of his family and, therefore, can be applied: cognitive therapies and communication therapies.

Cognitive therapy helps to detect the origin that induced the patient to be mythomaniac and works to demonstrate to the patient all that he is worth, his achievements and everything he has achieved in life, this is in order to reinforce positive thoughts and Help you have the will to continue to be successful throughout your life.

Communication therapy, as its name indicates, consists of a communication with the mythomaniac so that he expresses his desires, needs and, accepting the rejections of other people, thus protecting his self-esteem.

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