Meaning of Mobbing

What is Mobbing:

Mobbing It is an English word that means 'workplace harassment'. It is a practice that consists of the humiliating, disqualifying or intimidating treatment by a person or a group of people towards another person in work environments, and that occurs in a systematic and recurrent way over a prolonged period of time.

The mobbing, or "psychological harassment", is a form of psychological violence in which the victim is subjected to all kinds of abuse, from the most subtle, such as rumors or ridicule, to the most obvious, such as verbal offense, public disqualification, humiliation, and even physical violence.

The purpose of the mobbing, or also known as "moral harassment", is to produce feelings of insecurity, fear and demotivation in the worker, to affect their performance and make them leave the job. The consequence is the moral and psychic destruction of the victim, therefore, if the mobbing it is not stopped in time can lead to psychological disorders. In more serious situations it can even lead to death by suicide.

Victims of mobbing, in general, they are people with notable personal characteristics (intelligence, good appearance, social success, good reputation, etc.) and outstanding qualities (professional excellence, high ethical sense, etc.), which can be threatening to the harasser, who he reacts in this way to try to divert attention from his own mediocrity. However, they can also be subject to mobbing very young or naive people, or with different creeds or tendencies (political, sexual), or with certain specific conditions (immigrants, disabled, sick, etc.).

The first investigations around mobbing They were carried out by the Swedish scientist Heinz Leymann in the 1980s, who also coined the term.

The mobbing It is a problem that currently affects the efficiency, well-being and psychological health of a significant part of the working-age population. In fact, in some countries, such as Spain, workplace harassment is punishable.

Types mobbing

In work environments, the mobbing it registers in three equally damaging directions.

  • Mobbing horizontal: is one that occurs between equals; it is the victim's own companions who participate in their harassment.
  • Mobbing ascending: is one in which a group of subordinates conspire to harass a superior. It usually occurs when the position held by the boss had been aspired by one of the employees.
  • Mobbing descending: it is one in which a person with a hierarchically superior position subjects a subordinate employee to pressure, mistreatment and harassment in general.

Signs that you are a victim of mobbing

Limited communication: the superior or colleagues reduce communication with the victim or are prevented from accessing information, sometimes to mislead the victim in the execution of their tasks.

Limited social contact: the victim is gradually isolated at work, does not have the support of his colleagues, with whom he cannot establish links. She is sometimes assigned to jobs that keep her physically away from her peers. It is treated in a different or discriminatory way.

Disrepute: the victim's work and abilities are devalued, rumors are sown about their personal life, their personal skills are questioned, unethical behaviors are attributed to them, their decisions or the result of their work are strongly questioned, the errors that commits are oversized.

Hostilities: the victim is subjected to great pressure, constantly receives verbal abuse and humiliation, is required to fulfill tasks in absurd deadlines, is assigned work below his professional capacity, is threatened

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