Meaning of Moralism

What is Moralism:

Moralism refers to the moral imposition of other people.

Moralism comes from morality. Morality defines, in a general way, good and evil, moralism being a way of controlling that morality is maintained and is the one that governs the actions of others.

Morality usually comes from people who consider themselves a moral example and therefore impose their moral judgments, either through derision or humiliation.

The person who practices moralism is considered a moralist. A moralist can be defined as a person who watches over the morals of others. In this sense, if the moralist only criticizes others and does not act morally, we mean what is considered false moralism.

Types of moralism

In philosophy, moralism is divided into several currents, the most influential being that of the Spanish moralists (15th-18th centuries) and that of the French moralists (17th-18th centuries).

The Spanish moralists are a group belonging to the Catholic Church that reformulated and defined moral issues as an institution against the emergence of other churches in that period. In this case, moralism implies a moral judgment.

The French moralists, on the other hand, criticized the customs, observing the mentality and the spirit of the time. In this way, it was an incentive to question the morality imposed by society. In this way, the moralism referred to by the French is a reflection on our moral judgments.

Moralism and moral

Moralism is an attitude that is framed within the ethics imposed by society. Morality is the code that differentiates between the good and the evil of each one.

In this sense, moralism ensures that others obey the ethical norms imposed, following, in turn, their own morality that it is a behavior that must be followed

Moralism and morality

Moralism indicates the vigilance of the morals of others and morality refers to the coherence between conduct and morals.

In this way, moralism is a value judgment on others and morality the morality imposed on oneself.

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