Meaning of Death

What is death:

Death is known as the cessation of life. Death originates as a consequence of the organic impossibility of sustaining the homeostatic process. Etymologically, the word death is of Latin origin "mors"Or"mortis ".

Death can originate from different causes: diseases, suicide, homicide or some forceful trauma, the latter is what is known as violent death, and in addition to this there are other deaths, among which are:

  • Natural death: it is produced by a pathology or disease, without any external cause, for example: an infectious disease, a tumor, etc.
  • Brain death: it is characterized by a definite loss of the clinical functions of the brain, including brainstem. Some diseases related to brain death are: head trauma, brain contusion, subarachnoid hemorrhage, among others.
  • Sudden death: is the sudden and unexpected appearance of a cardiac arrest in a person who appeared to be in good health. The main cause of sudden death is cardiac arrhythmia, the heart stops beating, after a few seconds the individual loses consciousness and finally loses their ability to breathe. There are cases, known as sudden resuscitated death, in which cardiopulmonary resuscitation can make the arrhythmia disappear and the patient return to life.

It is noteworthy that due to technological and medical advances, there is the possibility that an individual with brain death maintains his breathing and cardiac activity through mechanical ventilation. The disconnection of the individual to this mechanism is left to the consideration of physicians as a result of the results obtained in different medical examinations, since there are still no parameters to predict its success or failure.

The human being is born, lives, reproduces and dies. Despite his knowledge, the individual is never prepared to live his own death or that of a family member or friend. In consideration, death causes endless negative feelings such as: pain, damage, discouragement, despair, sadness, grief, desolation, among others.

In addition, there is civil death considered as the loss of civil rights. With civil death, legal personality disappears.

Death, on the other hand, is the destruction or disappearance of a material or immaterial thing, for example: the victory of the opposition in the parliamentary elections caused the death of the socialist regime. Like death, in the same way, it can be used to express something that is done with intensity, such as: I love my family to death.

Likewise, there are colloquial phrases with the word death, such as: "this death", indicates that a person or thing is pleasing to the senses, for example: the barbecue is dead, your daughter is dressed as death. Also, an action or situation that could cause death, for example: it scared you to death.

Death in the bible

Death is a painful and mysterious subject. In the Christian religion, death is seen in two ways: spiritual death, which represents the separation between the soul and God as a consequence of original sin, and physical death, the separation of body and soul, in which the body undergoes a process of decomposition and the soul survives an eternal life.

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