Meaning of Berlin Wall

What is the Berlin Wall:

The Berlin Wall symbolizes the ideological division during the Cold War, between the countries of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the allies of capitalism, led by the United States of America.

Berlin Wall in 1989 by Anthony Suau, Prize Budapest.

The Berlin Wall was built in August 1961, by order of the Soviet and East German authorities in order to prevent the flight of its inhabitants to West Germany.

The construction of the wall begins in the middle of the Cold War (1945-1991), between the threats of nuclear, ideological and social battles and during the space race between the United States and the USSR.

Also known as the Wall of Shame, it reflects the tensions between the Soviet bloc and the US allies when they finally collide in the city of Berlin, Germany.

East Germany, East Berlin or the German Democratic Republic (GDR) supported the Soviet bloc and West Germany, West Berlin or the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) supported the United States.

The fall of the Berlin wall

Berlin Wall in 1989 by Anthony Suau

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 would mark the beginning of the end of the Cold War, which would officially end 2 years later, with the dismemberment of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991.

The fall of the Berlin Wall is possible due to the measures that East Berlin takes under pressure from more and more citizens wanting to leave the border. The GDR authorities created a very complicated Travel Law that encouraged a larger exodus of people, creating a lot of confusion.

The authorities announced days later the authorization to travel outside the border only with the identity document, without having to process visas or other documents. This announcement was not official but it was too late to reverse it, since the German press was already announcing it in headlines such as: "The wall is open!".

The Germans from East Berlin began to head to the checkpoints on the wall demanding to pass to the other side. Thanks to social pressure, the points begin to open. The final fall of the wall begins the night of November 9, 1989 where both East and West Germans gather on the wall to destroy or scale it.

The Berlin Wall was a symbol of division for almost 30 years (from 1961 to 1989) and its fall meant the conquest of freedom, tolerance and humanity among families and neighbors.

Current berlin wall

East Wall Gallery, Berlin 21st century

Today, the Berlin Wall is an open-air art gallery called East wall gallery, which translates into Spanish as "The gallery of the eastern wall."

Although the fall of the Berlin Wall was in 1981, there are still walls of separation in the 21st century that impose ideologies, throwing away freedom and fundamental rights.

See also Human rights.

Current "Berlin walls"

Segregation walls

Walls of segregation or exclusion such as the Berlin Wall still exist in some parts of the world.

The current Berlin walls are converted as such by political and economic powers such as, for example, the Trump wall, which will further separate the United States from Mexico, and the Israeli-Palestinian Barrier.

Trump wall

Illuminated segment of the wall between El Paso, Texas, USA (on the left) and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico (on the right).

The structural reinforcement of the United States-Mexico border wall and the construction of walls where they do not exist is known as the Trump wall. The existing wall covers a total of approximately 3,200 kilometers.

The border wall began to be built in 1994 and the statements of the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump, to support the project, are based on discrimination and violence. In this sense, it has become another wall of shame and segregation.

Israeli-Palestinian Barrier

Israeli West Bank Barrier

'Ich bin ein berliner"means" I am a Berliner "in Spanish.

It is a phrase in German that shows solidarity with the Germans in the face of what the Berlin wall symbolized. It was delivered in John F. Kennedy's speech on his visit to Berlin as President of the United States in 1989.

The phrase of solidarity for segregation and social injustice that the Berlin wall represented, appears today in other modern exclusion walls as a way of remembering past mistakes.

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