Meaning of Musa

What is Musa:

Musa is a female figure from Greek mythology, a source of inspiration in the arts or sciences. The greek word mousa means song or poem, in ancient Greek mousai they were the inspiring goddesses of music.

The meaning of muse is widely used, it is used figuratively to describe the woman he loves or to whom he brings inspiration, whether in painting, in poetry, or in other forms of cultural expression.

The term muse is popularly used to refer to the beautiful woman who inspires and awakens desire in male audiences. It is common to see the choice of the muses to represent some sports such as football, cycling, Formula 1, etc.

In ancient Greece there were nine muses who inspired each of the arts or sciences, especially poetry:

  1. Terpsichore: dance and choral poetry,
  2. Erato: lyrical-love poetry,
  3. Euterpe: music,
  4. Polymnia: sacred songs and sacred poetry,
  5. Melpomene: tragedy,
  6. Talía: comedy and bucolic poetry,
  7. Calliope: eloquence, beauty and epic poetry,
  8. Clío: history,
  9. Urania: astronomy, didactic poetry and exact sciences.

The muses dwelt in the temple Museion, a term that gave rise to the word "museum", defined as the place of preservation of the arts and sciences.

The word music is also derived from muse, from the Greek "musiké téchne " or "mousike " which means "the art of the muses".

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