Meaning of No one is a prophet in his land

What is Nobody is a prophet in his land:

"No one is a prophet in his land" is a biblical saying that applies when people must leave their home and land to achieve a good reputation. It often happens that when a person, within their own environment, tries to stand out or even tries to advise based on the common good, they are not valued by their community or they do not manage to gather the means to be heard.

Thus, according to the logic of this saying, if a person wants to earn a certain respect and reputation, he must set out on his way out of his place of origin, just as in ancient times did the prophets, who travel from town to town to get your message across. It is also in this case that the popular use of the saying applies.

According to the Gospel of Saint Luke, the phrase is attributed to Jesus of Nazareth himself. After preparing for 40 days in the desert, Jesus returned to his village, read the scriptures in the synagogue, as usual, and announced its fulfillment. The assistants, who had known him since childhood, took his words as heresy and took him outside to throw him over the cliff.

After the episode, Jesus said "No one is a prophet in his land" and escaped from the angry crowd. From there, he went out to preach and heal the sick in Capernaum, where he was listened to and respected (Gospel of Saint Luke, chapter 4, verse 24).

An equivalent saying is the one that reads: "Never the minstrel of the land plays well at a party."

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