Meaning of Swimming

What is Swimming:

Swimming is a sport that seeks to measure and improve physical endurance, coordination and speed in swimming through techniques.

In swimming, the person must move forward into the water using specific movements of the arms and legs, depending on the style adopted. The four classic styles of swimming are:

  1. Crawl swim, crawl or freestyle: it is the fastest style that consists of the action of the arms with an alternate beat.
  2. Backstroke swim or backstroke: the mechanical principles are the same as the normal crawl style, but on the back. It is the third fastest style.
  3. Butterfly swim: it is the second fastest style. It swims like a double crawl and is the style that requires the most strength, coordination and endurance.
  4. Breaststroke: It is the slowest style but also the oldest. It depends on the strength of the arms and legs alike.

In the relay competitions where each swimmer uses one of the four swimming styles it is called medley.

See also Medley.

Swimming was one of the first sports included in the modern Olympic Games and to this day it is one of the most popular disciplines.

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