Business Meaning

What is Business:

Business is any occupation, task or work that is carried out to obtain a profit for profit, through production, marketing or service provision activities. The word business is of Latin origin "negotium", Formed by the words"nec " Y "otium" What does it mean "not without reward”.

Also, business is the utility or interest that is achieved in what it is, trades or intends, such as: advertising business, restoration business. Likewise, it is the subject or matter in which a person deals, for example: "that man must be involved in shady deals."

On the other hand, business refers to the place where you trade or trade, for example: restaurant, dealer, artifact stores, clothing, dealerships, among others.

However, there are different types of businesses. The internet or electronic business consists of carrying out production and sales activities through the internet, specifically the internet business is to have as a store a web page in which products or services are published, which users can choose and pay with a card of credit.

International business, as its name indicates, is the set of transactions that takes place between 2 or more countries. It can be deduced that international business encompasses exports and imports, as well as financing and investments. However, each country contains its legal regulations to establish the form and requirements to carry out the international exchange of goods and services.

In relation to the above, any business that is established may or may not be lucrative, which is the same as a for-profit business or a non-profit business. For its part, the purpose of setting up a business is for profit, whose word means profit or benefits. Therefore, when obtaining good profits at the end of the year as a result of the commercialization of products or services that the business is dedicated to, it can be said without a doubt of a lucrative business, otherwise, it is a non-profit business since it is not you get favorable profits.

However, in relation to the above, "the business is underway", it refers to the fact that the business will continue to operate in the future. The ongoing business is verified through the studies carried out by the fiscal or auditor of the financial statements of the company and concludes with an opinion on the ability of the company to continue the business. Some of the situations that can affect business continuity are: inability to pay obligations, negative cash flows, market losses, shortage of products, among others.

Similarly, there are expressions with the word business, such as: "round business", it indicates that very advantageous business and, allows to obtain many profits, for example: the sale of a real estate for double its price, with respect to this example it can be deduced that it is a round business since its profits are maximum ; "The business of the occasion", refers to a good offer, a business with unique and favorable conditions for the individual and, therefore, should be taken advantage of.

Legal business

In the field of law, the legal business¸ is the manifestation of will that establishes legal effects in order to acquire, modify or extinguish any subjective right. The legal business can be: unilateral or bilateral, the first concerns a single party and, the second to more than one, likewise, they can be onerous when a consideration is required from the opposite party and, otherwise, free. It is noteworthy that the legal business is carried out if there is a manifestation of will, the cause is lawful and possible and, complying with the form stipulated in the legal system.

In some laws, the legal business is linked to the legal act and in others it is spoken separately. The legal act is any manifestation of will that produces legal effects desired or not by the subjects involved in it. In the case, if they are raised differently, it can be said that the effects of the legal act are established in the law, in turn, the effects of the legal business are those that the parties have sought, consequently, the legal business is required by the parties, it is regulated by the will of the parties and the legal act is merely legal, that is, it is regulated by law.

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