Meaning of Ni chicha ni lemonade

What is Ni chicha ni lemonade:

"Neither chicha nor lemonade" is a popular expression that indicates something without flavor or someone who is not defined in any type of group.

"Neither chicha nor lemonade" refers to something that is neither one thing nor the other, therefore it cannot be given value.

The origin of the saying is unknown but it refers to two well-known and popular drinks: chicha; alcoholic beverage consumed in Latin America and lemonade; Refreshing drink brought to America by the Spanish.

In this sense, "neither chicha nor lemonade" is used when it is not possible to define whether a food or drink is good or bad by making the analogy with the two mentioned drinks, in this case, which is neither alcoholic nor refreshing.

Chicha is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of corn or wine with sugar, which already existed in the American peoples in pre-Hispanic times. Lemonade in Latin America does not contain alcohol as in Spain, so the use of the saying in the American continent refers to alcoholic and refreshing.

In the social context, when “neither chicha nor lemonade” is used, it refers to those who are neither American nor Spanish, neither from here nor from there. This expression is also a derogatory way to refer to people who do not want to take any side so as not to look bad with anyone by looking out only for their own interest.

“Ni chicha ni limoná” is a song by the Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara (1932-1975) whose lyrics refer, within the historical context of the country, to those whose morals are defined by their own pockets or their own interests.

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