Meaning of Niche

What is the Niche:

A niche is a cavity or hollow open in the thickness of a wall, which is used for some type of ornament or image, such as statues, vases, etc.

Hence, this term, typical of architecture, is used figuratively in marketing to refer to the place a product occupies in the market; or in natural sciences to designate the position that a population or species has in an ecosystem.

Likewise, the word niche can also refer to the concavity in a wall to deposit the coffin of a deceased or his ashes.

Today, the vast majority of cemeteries have niche areas, which are often cheaper than traditional graves.

Synonyms of niche can be hollow, cavity or cavity.

Etymologically, the word niche comes from the old Italian nicchio, which means "hollow".

In English, the term niche can be translated as niche. For example: “Nokia finds a niche market” (Nokia found a niche market).

Ecological niche

In the field of ecology and biology, the concept of ecological niche refers to the position or function that a species plays within an ecosystem.

In an ecosystem, each organism establishes a network of interrelations with different factors:

  • Biotics, which are living beings, such as flora or fauna;
  • Abiotic, which are the resources available to the habitat, such as sunlight, temperature, minerals or water, and
  • Anthropic, which refers to human beings.

The survival of each individual or population within an ecosystem depends on how it is related to the set of factors mentioned above: their ability to adapt to the habitat, the possibility of feeding or having environmental conditions for their subsistence, etc.

Examples of ecological niche can be found in the different roles that certain individuals fulfill in an ecosystem: there are animals that live from hunting, such as felines; those that feed exclusively on herbs, and those that function as scavengers.

The introduction of a species into one of these niches leads to situations of ecological imbalance and a struggle for survival.

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Market niche

In marketing, we speak of a niche in reference to a market segment whose needs are not being satisfied. Each market segment is made up of a group of people with similar characteristics and consumption needs.

In this sense, when we identify that for a group of people there is a specific demand that is not being covered by the supply, then we have found a niche. An example of a niche market would be a market in which there is no supply of cheese for lactose intolerant.

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