Meaning of Childhood

What is Childhood:

Childhood is the stage of human development that ranges from birth to the beginning of puberty or adolescence, a time that can vary between 12 and 13 years depending on the person.

This stage where the most important growth process occurs and in which the subject acquires the minimum skills necessary to live and insert himself in society. Among them, toilet training, motor skills, language, reasoning, the acquisition of basic values, etc.

Stages of childhood

Childhood is divided into three essential stages:

  • Lactation: it is the period immediately after birth, in which the child, still a baby, is fed by breast milk. Depending on the mother's habits, culture or need, breastfeeding usually lasts up to 2 years of age. During this stage, the baby is called a "suckling".
  • Early childhood: is the period from the abandonment of breastfeeding until the approximate age of 6 years. During this period, the child strengthens communication skills, develops fine motor skills, learns to follow instructions and develops the foundations of his emotional growth, among many other things. People in this stage are called "infants."
  • Second childhood: is the stage of childhood that ranges from 6 to 12 or 13 years of age. People in this stage are called “boys” and “girls”.
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