Meaning of There is no bad fifth

What is there is no fifth bad:

The saying "there is no fifth bad" refers to the fact that the best of a situation can happen at the end.

This interpretation has its origin in the Spanish bullfighting festivals, in which formerly it was the ranchers who decided the order of the bulls on the day.

That being the case, they left their most outstanding specimens in fifth place, so it was expected that the best of the show would occur at that time.

Another version, less widespread, suggests that although the expression originated in bullfighting, it actually referred to the spirit of those attending the fight who, after seeing the fourth bull, enjoyed a snack. So when the run was restarted with the fifth specimen, they were more ready for the show.

An example of the use of this expression today could apply to someone who, after having tried several work experiences, takes on a new job. In this case, "there is no fifth bad", that is, this could be a profitable experience after having gone through others that may not have been so good.

An equivalent of this saying could be "the third time," to indicate that after several opportunities you can achieve success or take advantage of a situation.

The expression "there is no bad fifth" can also be interpreted as a hint of resignation, indicating that you have to settle for what there is, for what is left of something. However, this use is not that common.

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