Meaning of No pain no gain

What is No pain no gain:

No pain no gain”Is a saying from English that means‘ no pain, no gain ’. It is a phrase that speaks of the importance of striving, sweating and even suffering, to achieve what we have proposed.

This saying is intended to motivate us by reminding us that there is no gain without a good dose of personal sacrifice involved.

However, it is advice that should be followed without falling into excesses. A person who exercises himself to pain to achieve the sculpted body he craves can injure himself. A woman who diets extremely rigorous could be damaging her health to serious levels.

There are different variants of the Spanish language to translate "no pain no gain", for instance:

  • Whoever wants to be blue, let it cost him.
  • Who wants something, something costs.
  • There is no fruit without effort.
  • There is no shortcut without work.
  • Without efort there is no reward.
  • Without sorrow there is no glory.

Other variants that refer to the idea of ​​effort as a means to achieve a goal, although referring to other types of activities, would be "letter with blood enters", for the study, and "to be beautiful you have to see stars", applied to women who must make a large number of sacrifices to achieve an ideal body.

Likewise, the idea around which this saying revolves can even be traced, in Latin, which reads “per aspera ad astra”, Whose translation would be‘ through effort, triumph ’, or‘ through the rough path, to the stars, ”or also‘ towards the stars through difficulties ’.

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