Meaning of Notion

What is Notion:

Notion is the vague, elemental or general knowledge about a situation, thing or matter. The word notion comes from the Latin "notio or notionis" which means "to know, idea, conception", the word notion is the action name of the verb "noscere" which means "to know".

Regarding the above, to understand a little about the terminology notion we have if a person asks "Do you speak English?" and the other responds "I have a notion" I mean that she does not have a complete command of the language but has a basic knowledge of it.

There is a colloquial phrase with the terminology notion which is "I lost track of time" means that the person does not know what day, date, time is at a certain time, for example "What date is today?" "I don't know, I lost track of time." The aforementioned phrase translated into English is "lose track of time."

The term notion can be used as a synonym for: idea, knowledge, principles, foundations, among others. Also, some antonyms of the word notion are: ignorance, ignorance, culmination, among others.

Notion or Nosion

Due to the similarity of the sound at the time of pronouncing the word notion it should not be confused in its writing with the terminology nosión since the latter is incorrect, the correct way to write it is with the letter "C", therefore, it is notion.

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