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What is the Core:

A nucleus is the central or most important part of something. The word, as such, comes from Latin nucleus, which means ‘edible part of the nut’ or ‘fruit bone’. It is the diminutive of the Latin voice nux, nucis, which we can translate as 'nut'

Thus, a nucleus becomes the core of a thing, that which is primordial, which cannot be dispensed with.

For example, in a group of people, the nucleus would be the set of individuals whose weight or hierarchy determines the direction or decisions of this organization: "The hard core of the team is against the departure of the technician."

Likewise, a nucleus can be the stone of a fruit, a group of houses, the central part of an atom, a star or a cell, among other things.

Synonyms of nucleus, in this sense, are center, axis; heart, marrow, entrails, kernel or crux.

Cell nucleus

In biology, the cell nucleus would be the command of cellular activities, since it contains the genetic material (DNA) for the development and functioning of the cell.

The cell nucleus is found in the center of eukaryotic cells, surrounded by a nuclear membrane. It is in charge of maintaining the genetic integrity of the cell and controlling cellular activities.

Likewise, inside the cell nucleus is the nucleolus, a corpuscle made up of proteins and ribonucleic acid that intervenes in the synthesis of proteins.

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Atomic nucleus

In physics, the atomic nucleus is the central part of the atom, with a positive electric charge. It contains 99.99% of the atomic mass. It is made up of protons and neutrons, also called nucleoli.

Protons are those that determine, according to their number, the chemical element to which the nucleus belongs, which is also known as the atomic number.

Core of the Earth

The Earth's core is the central part of the interior of the globe. It has an approximate radius of 3,500 kilometers. It is formed, fundamentally, by iron, nickel and other elements with less presence such as sulfur and oxygen. It consists of a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. It represents 60% of the total mass of the Earth.

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Syntactic core

In grammar, we speak of nucleus generally in reference to the nucleus of a phrase. The phrase is a word or a set of words organized around a nucleus. The syntactic nucleus is the element with the highest hierarchy within a phrase, since it is in charge of determining the way in which the other elements will be ordered around the phrase.

An example of a syntactic nucleus in the noun phrase "the white dog" would be "dog", which is the name around which the article "the" and the adjective "white" come together.

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Core in computing

In computing, the kernel, also known as the kernel, is the software in charge of managing the hardware and the access of other computer programs to it, as well as managing the different tasks and communication between the hardware programs.

Family nucleus

The concept of family nucleus refers to a family made up of father, mother and children, that is, the closest kinship ties. They are nuclear families couples, couples with children, and single father or single mother with children.

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