Meaning of Objective

What is Objective:

The objective is called the end you want to reach or the goal you want to achieve. It is what drives the individual to make decisions or to pursue their aspirations. It is synonymous with destination, end, goal.

Target is also someone who expresses himself without his way of thinking or feeling influencing his ideas or opinions. He is an impartial or dispassionate person. For example: "Jorge tried to be objective in his comments."

For philosophy, objective is everything that exists outside the individual, which has a real and concrete existence.

On the other hand, objective is also called the crosshairs of a weapon or the target at which it is aimed.

Investigation objectives

The research objective is known as the set of aims or goals that a researcher proposes to achieve in a work, project or study. In general, the research objectives are aligned with the specific field of knowledge in which a work is registered, and seek to expand the knowledge or theories that have been formulated around a certain subject.

In this sense, the research objectives are the axis around which the theoretical framework of a project and the methodology to be applied are defined. There are basically two types of research objectives: general and specific.

General objective

The general objective is one that focuses on a global aspect of the study. In this sense, it is the fundamental purpose of the investigation and where the final result that is intended to be achieved with the work is exposed.

Specific goal

The specific objective is one that arises based on more specific or precise aspects of the research, derived, therefore, from the general objectives.

See also Research objective.

Objective and subjective

Objective and subjective are opposite concepts. Objective can refer to what is relative to the object, but it can also refer to that which is devoid of personal judgment or that is not influenced by particular considerations.

In this sense, it is opposed to the subjective, which is what depends on the perception of each person or, in other words, that is influenced by a personal way of perceiving or valuing something.

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Objectives in a company

The objectives, in general, are the values ​​and the purposes or purposes of an organization expressed in future expectations. Formal objectives are part of the mission of the company and determine the type of strategy, processes and structure that it will adopt. They are usually presented clearly for the knowledge of employees and customers.

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