Meaning of Research Objective

What is a Research Objective:

A research objective is the end or goal that is intended to be achieved in a project, study or research work. It also indicates the purpose for which an investigation is being conducted.

These types of objectives focus on a specific area of ​​knowledge and are focused on expanding knowledge about a subject in some way. The objective of an investigation determines and influences the other elements of an investigation such as the theoretical framework or the methodology.

Research objectives are usually written from verb to infinitive and must be clear, achievable and relevant. They are raised from a problem or a hypothesis.

Types of research objectives

Different classes of objectives can be distinguished in an investigation. Depending on the scope, you can talk about general and specific objectives.

The general objectives in an investigation focus on a broad aspect or object of study and indicate the overall purposes. In this way, they summarize the final result that an investigation is intended to achieve.

An example of this type of objective is: "To establish the degree of relationship between high accumulated radiation doses and the use of anti-TNF drugs in patients with Chron's syndrome in a tertiary hospital between 1999 and 2014."

The specific objectives in an investigation are raised on more specific aspects, derived from the general objectives:

An example is: "Calculate the cumulative radiation dose in patients with Chron's syndrome."

Objective of market research

The objective of market research is to provide information on the reality, characteristics of markets to understand their operation and provide new knowledge that can be applied to understand or improve commercial exchange systems.

In the field of Economics and Business Administration and Management, the research objectives are the aims that are intended to be achieved in the development of research in this area. They can be focused on macroeconomic aspects or on more specific elements focused on a specific type of market.

Educational research objective

An educational research objective is the aim or goal to be achieved in a study on pedagogical issues.

Although its subject matter can be very varied, the educational objectives in an investigation are always aimed at providing new information, expanding or deepening on already known realities or opening new avenues of investigation.

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