Meaning of Strategic Objectives

What are the Strategic Objectives:

Strategic objectives are the goals or goals developed at a strategic level that an organization intends to achieve in the long term. Some positions identify strategic objectives with general objectives. They are based on the vision, mission and values ​​of an organization and condition the actions to be carried out.

Several characteristics of a strategic objective can be identified. Broadly, these objectives must be clear, consistent, measurable, achievable and motivating.

The purpose of strategic objectives is to offer guidelines or guidelines for action aimed at improving the activity and performance of an organization. They are often considered a preliminary step in the development of operational objectives.

These types of objectives determine the line of action, the strategy and the means necessary to achieve the mission while respecting the established vision.

Strategic objectives of a company

In the area of ​​the Company, the strategic objectives refer to the general purposes that a business organization proposes. They are part of a work plan and are usually developed during planning or strategic planning.

Each department of a company also usually develops its own strategic objectives taking into account the general objectives.

An example of a strategic objective in the business field, in a business dedicated to the distribution of fruits and vegetables, may be the following: "Increase safety and energy efficiency in transportation systems in the next 5 years".

Strategic objectives of human resources

The strategic objectives of the Human Resources Area or Department of a company are focused on issues specific to its field but in line with the strategic objectives of the company. In general, they are based on issues of economic, social and integration efficiency.

They are formulated after an analysis and study of different strategic options and are usually incorporated into the Strategic Plan of this Department.

These objectives are intended to offer a reference system to guide the different actions and functions that are carried out in the management of the personnel of a company.

An example in this area could be, in a company dedicated to international trade, "Increase the level of knowledge of French and German of the employees of customer service in the next two years".

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