Meaning of Ocaso

What is the Sunset:

The sunset, from Latin occāsus, is the sunset or another star or celestial body, to the west or west.

Sunset is sunset or dusk, the moment the Sun sets, sets, or disappears on the horizon, heading west. This occurs as a result of the rotation of the Earth, therefore, the Sun does not disappear but crosses the horizon from the visible area to the non-visible area of ​​the hemisphere. Sunset is the event that precedes the night, it is the end of the day, and it occurs every day and in all regions of the world between the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Sunset brings the beginning of twilight, when hues of red and orange appear in the sky, providing spectacular moments captured by photographers around the world. This phenomenon occurs due to the refraction of the Sun's light rays by the atmosphere.

The word sunset also means west, west or west. Sunset is the cardinal point that indicates the side where the Sun sets or sets. Dawn or dawn is the opposite of twilight and designates the moment when the Sun appears on the horizon, in the east.

In a figurative sense, the twilight means the phase of decline, decline, decline, decline, decline, retreat or loss of strength or importance, the final stage or end of something. Sunset defines the period before the end of an event or the fall of something that was important or famous. It is also synonymous with ruin or death.

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