Meaning of OECD

What is OECD:

The acronym OECD refers to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international cooperation body.

This organization was founded on September 30, 1961, with headquarters in Paris (France), made up of 35 member states with the aim of promoting economic and social policies.

The OECD was created in order to give continuity and promote the work carried out by the former European Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECE), whose purpose was to channel the Marshall Plan and promote development, aid and reconstruction of the countries destroyed after the Second World War.

Along these lines of ideas, the OECD continuously offers a series of forums in which the representatives of the member states have the possibility of working together, exchanging information and experiences to seek solutions to the different problems in common.

The joint work in the OECD has generated important achievements such as the identification of problems, their analysis and the promotion of policies in order to solve them.

Consequently, the economic development that the member countries have achieved is remarkable and is recognized because they generate almost 80% of the world's trade and investment.

This gives it a fundamental importance, as an international organization, when dealing with economic issues.

On the other hand, the research works and proposals made by the OECD are constantly published in order to make important and valid information available to all.

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