Meaning of Idle

What is Idle:

Idle means "who does not work, who has no occupations or obligations." It is also used, in a derogatory way, to indicate that something is useless, not productive, without fruit or profit. For example, "idle capital". In some Latin American countries it also has other meanings: referring to a piece of land, it means "uncultivated" (in Cuba and Nicaragua) Y referring to a person means 'dishonest' (in El Salvador). The term "idle word" is used (although it was used more in formal texts), to refer to comments that do not have a specific purpose, that are issued for simple fun or pastime and that are not considered productive. This word comes from Latin otiƍsus.

Leisure time

This term is used in the world of work to indirect labor that represents wages paid for unproductive time due to circumstances beyond the worker's control. That is, workers receive a salary even if they do not have work to do, they are paid for their time.

To be idle

Being idle or being an idle person is considered to be a person who does not have an occupation and does not actively produce returns. It has a negative connotation, which can be identified with other terms such as "lazy" and "lazy". Originally, in Ancient Greece, this word was used to refer to the time that philosophers spent reflecting on fundamental aspects of life, being, therefore, a word that did not have this meaning. In the same way, this word was somehow associated with the word "school".

Be Idle in the Bible

Being or being idle appears reflected in some way in the Bible, if it is considered similar to "lazy" or "lazy". For instance, "The lazy soul desires, and achieves nothing; But the soul of the diligent will be prosperous" (Pro 19:15). A lazy person is identified as someone who loves sleep and rest, but also fun. The term "idle word" also appears in the New Testament: "But I tell you that for every idle word that men speak, they will give an account of it on the day of judgment,"(Mt 12:36)

Idle capital

In economics, idle capital is considered to be that good that is not being used in an active production process, therefore, in economic terms, it is not being used profitably. A capital invested in a certain activity that is not giving benefits is not considered as "idle capital" because, following the meaning of the word "idle", this capital would not be idle or "doing nothing", and that it is being used, even if it is not bearing fruit.

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