Meaning of Hate

What is Hate:

It is known as hatred for the antipathy or aversion towards something or person whose evil is desired. The word hate is of Latin origin "Odium".

Hatred is synonymous with hostility, resentment, resentment, which generates a feeling of deep enmity and rejection that leads to evil towards a person or the desire to confront it.

In reference to the above, hatred is seen as a negative value that goes against love or friendship, which produces disgust or repulsion towards a person, thing or situation with the desire to destroy or avoid everything that is hated.

Hatred carries destructive and dangerous consequences, specifically physical, psychological, or verbal attacks, which sometimes lead to the death of a person as a result of the hatred that someone feels for them, which is often generated by actions or behaviors carried out by the person. herself.

However, the main hate crimes are those that are committed against a social group with specific characteristics, such as victims of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, ethnocentrism, religious intolerance, among others.

In relation to the above, in a legal sense, it is what is known as hate crimes, which are those that are characterized by intolerance and discrimination. War crimes are based on threats, harassment or physical damage towards a specific individual or groups, creating damage or deterioration to society.

Finally, the term hateful is an adjective that points to the person or thing that provokes hatred.

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