Meaning of Offer

What is Offer:

Offering can mean committing to give or do something. The word comes from the Latin derivative offerre.

It can be used in the sense of voluntarily giving something: "I offer you my help"; to present a certain aspect: "The Sierra Nevada offers its best image"; to propose something to someone: "I offered him to be my partner", or to dedicate a certain thing to a person: "They offered him a tribute for his 50 years of service."

Offering oneself, as a pronominal form, can refer to something that suddenly comes to the imagination: "Suddenly, you were offered the idea that the Earth was round"; to voluntarily propose for something: "He offered to take her home"; or to desire or desire: "What is offered?"

Synonyms of offering, meanwhile, are: present, give; dedicate, consecrate, offer; promise, propose, provide; show, expose, present; give away, give away; manifest; to imply; happen, happen.

In English, we can translate offer as to offer. For instance: "I offered you my help”(I offered my help).

Offer in religion

In a religious sense, it is spoken of offering with the sense of dedicating to God or to a saint something that is done, or the damage that is suffered in his name. It can also mean giving alms at Mass, consecrating it to God.

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