Offering Meaning

What is Offering:

An offering is a gift, gift, or gift that is offered in appreciation, gratitude, or veneration. The word, as such, comes from Latin offerenda, which means 'things to be offered'.

See also Offer.

The offerings, in general, have a religious character and, in this sense, they can be destined to a noble cause, an institution, a divinity or a saint.

Hence, the offerings suppose the material expression of the worship of a divinity, and are usually offered when asking for something or to honor a vow made previously.

Offerings are made to the Church, during the celebration of mass. Likewise, offerings are also made to the deceased, next to their tomb, in their memory.

The custom of giving offerings to the gods is recorded as early as Ancient Egypt. In the same way, in America, pre-Hispanic cultures made offerings to their deities, these could be from food, to human or animal sacrifices.

Offering in the Bible

The offerings, as well as the tithe, are the gifts and gifts with which the Christian contributes materially to the support of the Church so that it can carry out its work. His demand in the biblical texts is very clear in this regard: “Give to Jehovah the honor due his name; bring offerings and come into his courts ”(Psalms, 96: 8).

In this sense, Christian doctrine teaches in the Bible that giving to God, above all, constitutes a reason for joy in sharing what is ours with the Lord: “Honor the Lord with your riches and with the first fruits of your crops. Thus, your barns will be filled to bursting and your cellars will overflow with new wine ”(Proverbs, 3: 9-10).

Likewise, the sacred texts state that the offerings have their corresponding retribution: “Give and it will be given to you: a full, tight, shaken and overflowing measure will be thrown into your laps. For with the measure you measure to others, it will be measured to you ”(Luke 6:38).

Day of the Dead Offering

In Mexico, during the celebrations of the Day of the Dead, it is a tradition to raise domestic altars to lavish offerings to the loved ones, whether they are family members, friends or famous people. As such, the offerings can be made up of food (fruits, sweets, bread of the dead), valuables (gold coins), religious elements (images, crosses and rosaries), clothes, skulls, drinks, flowers (especially the flower cempasúchil) and aromatic herbs. The offerings are tokens of affection, respect and remembrance to give to the dead and pay tribute to him.

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