Meaning of Obfuscate

What is Obfuscate:

Obfuscate is a regular verb that can refer to disturbing the sight as a result of a glare or a sudden darkening, it can also be equivalent to upsetting, disturbing or disturbing ideas or thinking. As such, the word comes from the Latin offusc─üre, which translates to 'darken'.

In this sense, a cultured use of the verb to obfuscate is one that refers to a glare, to the impairment of vision due to an excess of light, for example: "The actress was obfuscated when the theater lights were turned on."

On the other hand, obfuscating can also be synonymous with darkening or diminishing the light or clarity, which makes visibility difficult: "The darkness of the room obfuscated him to such an extent that it took him a while before he found the light switch" .

With this meaning it is also used in a figurative sense to designate the action of reducing the visibility of someone or something: "The new skyscraper obscured the beauty of all the buildings in the area."

Similarly, obfuscate can refer to the inability to think or reason clearly, to have impaired judgment or confused ideas: "His mind was clouded by fury,".

Finally, obfuscate can also be extended to areas of communication to designate the action of making communication more confusing, complicated and convoluted, in order to conceal its meaning or make its interpretation more complex.

Obfuscate in Computer Science

In the field of computing, obfuscate refers to the deliberate modification made in the source code of a software or program in order to make it difficult to understand. Source codes are basically the lines of text that contain the instructions that the computer must follow in order to run the program. In this sense, software obfuscation aims to protect the original code as a security measure against potential theft or plagiarism. However, code obfuscation can also be used to hide malicious software in computer programs.

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