Meaning of Oggun

What is Oggun:

The word Oggun refers to an Orisha or a deity belonging to the Yoruba religion or misnamed Santeria because of the worship of its believers to the Saints.

His festival is celebrated on April 23, he is attributed the power over metals and he is the owner of the roads as well as the mountains, he is also a direct messenger of Obbatalá, which makes him one of the most influential deities within of religion.

It is the Orisha who represents or is the patron of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and everyone who works or who in one way or another has to do with metals or a particular metal .

Oggun the warrior Orisha is characterized by having a strong and violent character, but above all with his enemies, and his symbol is the machete, a tool with which he faces each and every one of his enemies, but which he also uses to break through, among the abundant vegetation and flora that can exist in a jungle or on a mountain.

When his brother Eleggua opens roads, he (Oggun) is the great warrior in charge of protecting and ensuring those roads or those opportunities that are presented to the practitioners and believers of the religion.

His clothing consists of a purple vest and pants, he wears a flattened hat, he also wears a belt adorned with long palm fibers and on his shoulder a tiger skin bag that is also adorned with snails. Oggun's favorite number is 3 as well as its multiples, his preferred day is Tuesday as well as the 4th of each month. You are greeted Oke Oggun! Oggun Kobú Aguanilé!

The Orisha Oggun is the second in Cuban Santeria (Ocha rule), this because he (Oggun) is the owner of the machete (Embelebobo) and comes just behind Eleggua, who as we have already said is his brother and who open the roads.

It is said that Oggun is the one who is in charge of taking justice into his own hands, without caring what others will say or what they may think, all thanks to his great and strong character and that attitude of great violence towards his enemies, what makes him an impulsive deity that when enraged loses control and is extremely severe.

Finally, for Crowning Oggun it is mandatory that the warrior Orishas have been previously received, during the coronation the following Oshas and Orishas must be received.

Oggun family

He is the son of Obbatalá and Yemú (hence he is a direct messenger of the former), and as we have already said, he has Eleggua, Shango, Oshosi, Osun as brothers and in some patakis also from Dada, who are also deities.

Offerings and dances

Oggun can be offered rams, goats, chickens, roosters, land snails as well as sea snails, but it is said that any animal that is sacrificed for him is accepted in a very good way, since the simple action of sacrifice represents this deity.

The preferred animal to offer in sacrifice to Oggun is the dog, which is fed from time to time to make him happy and always be in harmony with him and to thank him for what he gives to his children or believers.

Honey, smoked fish, corojo butter, as well as roasted corn and liquor are usually offered to this deity, this being, preferably gin, since it is the alcoholic drink most similar to the one used by the Yorubas.

He is known for two characteristic dances, the warrior's dance as well as the worker's dance, in the first he breaks into the air with his machete, pulling it down, while advancing with one foot and dragging the other and in the second, in which mimics as if he were hammering with the machete like a blacksmith or as if he were harvesting with his tool.

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