Meaning of Omnipresent

What is Omnipresent:

As omnipresent, that which is present in all places at the same time is designated. The word, as such, is an adjective that is composed with the prefix "omni", which means "all", and the word "present", which indicates "presence" or "assistance". In this sense, omnipresent is synonymous with ubiquitous.

According to Christian doctrine, omnipresence is an attribute par excellence of God, as well as omniscience and omnipotence, qualities that are also recognized solely and exclusively in God.

See also Omnipotent.

Omnipresent, on the other hand, is also a word that is used in a figurative sense to refer to one who tries to rush to all the places where he is required. For example: “Today I will have to be omnipresent; I have to go to four meetings and attend a business lunch in less than four hours ”.

Likewise, as omnipresent can be considered what is always in the mind, for example: "The widow could not get rid of the omnipresent memory of her late husband."

In English, the word omnipresent translates omnipresent. As such, it is an adjective, and designates, as in Spanish, that which is present at all times and everywhere at the same time.

Omnipresent according to the Bible

According to the Bible, the holy book of Christianity, God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. The latter means that God has an attribute, characteristic of his perfection, that allows him to be present in all places and at all times at the same time. In this regard, the Psalms indicate: “Where could I get away from your spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I went up to heaven, You are there; If I made my bed at the bottom of the abyss, you are there too. If I soared on the wings of the dawn, or settled on the ends of the sea, even there your hand would guide me. And your right hand would hold me up ”(139: 7-10). The omnipresence of God, moreover, is not limited to real, tangible existence, but He is also found in all the possibilities of existence, whether they are real or not.

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