Meaning of Onanism

What is Onanism:

Onanism is understood as the practice that individuals carry out in order to achieve sexual satisfaction or pleasure. It is also used as a synonym for masturbation.

Onanism is the stimulation of the sexual organs, individually or with another person, without a complete sexual relationship.

Currently this term is used as a synonym for masturbation. However, originally it was spoken of onanism when ejaculation in the female organ was avoided during sexual intercourse.

In the past, referring to the subject of onanism or masturbation was very difficult because they were considered taboo subjects. But, over the years and various medical and psychological studies have shown what it is and why it occurs, people are more open to talking about the subject and understanding it as part of human nature.

Onanism in the Bible

The word onanism derives from Onan, whose story is recounted in the Bible in the book of Genesis.

Onan, son of Judah, had an older brother who died and was married. According to the laws of Judaism, Onan had to marry his sister-in-law Tamar, that is, the wife of his deceased older brother.

In the event that both had a descendant, he would not be considered as Onan's son but as his brother's son, and would even displace him in the hereditary succession of the family.

Therefore, when Onan had sexual relations with Tamar, then his wife, he tried to avoid ejaculation in the female organs and thus avoid pregnancy.

Infantile onanism

Infant onanism occurs from an early age in children, even during lactation. This happens because it is a way to explore the body and to generate pleasure, especially if they are bored, dissatisfied or lacking in attention from their parents.

Onanism or infantile masturbation is a very common act among children, it does not generate negative physical or mental consequences in them. However, parents should be aware of any irregular situation and seek medical help if necessary.

Childhood onanism begins to decrease from 5 to 6 years of age, until the child becomes an adolescent and masturbation reappears and sexual desires begin.

Compulsive onanism

Compulsive onanism can be generated in people, generally, due to a psychological disorder related to sexual abuse, depression, obsessive, compulsive disorder, among others.

The consequences of compulsive onanism can generate difficulties for individuals to relate to others and establish love or friendship relationships, which is why they tend to withdraw from their social circus.

On the other hand, it can also cause venereal diseases, genital pain, digestive disorder, depression, among others.

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