Meaning of Oops

What is Oops:

Oops It is an interjection of the English language that we can translate into Spanish as “uy”. Its pronunciation is "ups".

In this sense, oops It is an expression used to make our interlocutor understand that we have made a mistake or done something offensive or inappropriate, usually not too serious, and that we are aware of it.

In fact, it usually appears preceding an apology, as, for example, in phrases like “Oops! I "m sorry!”(Oops! Excuse me!); or in predetermined messages of computer application failures such as "Oops, something went wrong! (Oops! A problem has been detected).

Oops is also an expression that can be used in an ironic sense, as mischief or as black humor. There are those who refer, for example, that this is the most terrible expression that can be heard in highly risky areas, such as Nuclear Physics.

Likewise, the expression has been coined oopsing to call the act of doing something offensive or inappropriate, such as knowingly betraying the trust of another person. The oopsingIn this sense, it is a dishonest practice.

Oops! I did it again, which in Spanish would translate ‘Uy! I did it again 'or' I did it again ', is the title of the second album by the American singer Britney Spears, released in 2000 to the market. That same album features a song of the same name, which was nominated for a Grammy Award at the time.

As such, oops is a natural expression of the English language recorded for the first time, according to the Oxford dictionary, in 1930.

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