Meaning of Optics

What is Optics:

Optics is understood as part of physics that is responsible for studying the laws and phenomena of light. The word optics is of Latin origin optikos which means "visual" and ico expresses "relative to", therefore, optics is relative to vision.

In reference to the definition given, the phenomena studied by optics are: diffraction, polarization, refraction, reflection, the interaction of light with other materials and the formation of images. Physicist Isaac Newton was revolutionizing the field of optics with his discoveries about colors through the refraction of light through a prism.

Geometric optics is the study of images by refraction or reflection of light, without taking into account the effects of light with wave movements, known as interference.

The term optics has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. By virtue of the existence of the different visual diseases that can cause permanent loss of vision, among the most common are: myopia, cataracts, astigmatism, etc., the optician is in charge of building devices and lenses to improve the vision of patients , according to the needs of each one. Likewise, the word optics refers to the apparatus composed of lenses that serves or is used to see images, enlarged writings.

However, the usual use of the word optics is to refer to the person who has the title to work in optics, that is, to sell or manufacture optical instruments, especially on the balcony of the establishments where they are traded. instruments of optics or related to vision, which is also called optics. That is, the patient goes to the ophthalmologist and, then with the recipe supplied by the specialist in which it contains the characteristics and measurements that each spectacle must have, he must go to the optician.

However, in the optician, it offers consumers a variety of spectacle frames for both reading glasses and sunglasses, as well as contact lenses and all the instruments related to their care and maintenance.

On the other hand, optics indicates the way to consider an issue or point of view, for example: from my point of view, the business problem is the lack of good administration.

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