Meaning of Hollow

What is the Hollow:

Recesses the interior space of a body or object. Also the term hollow refers to the insubstantiality or inconsistency of what is spoken, writes and thinks, for example "the hollowness of a plea."

The term cavity is present in the bone tissue, which is a connective tissue that is part of the skeleton and its main function is to support tendons and muscles, protect the vital organs of the head, rib cage and allow the movements of the muscles inserted in bones through tissues.

In the macroscopic observation of the bone tissue, the spongy bone tissue can be appreciated when the bone or organ presents numerous cavities that give it a loose appearance and the compact bone tissue that does not present cavities or empty cavities.

Likewise, the trunk of the trees presents cavities which are formed by natural causes such as: the fall of lightning or the breaking of a branch by the action of the wind or by the action of man such as: the management of pruning, among others .

Vegetable organic matter accumulates in the cavities, preserves high humidity inside and acts as a container for rainwater during unstable periods of time, becoming the only microhabitats where there is accumulated water, which is why in each hollow there is a chance of life. for saproxylic organisms which are animals that live on dead or damaged wood.

In the construction area, the study of the void of the materials is of utmost importance since it determines the weight of the materials, permeability, mechanical resistance over the forces of aggressive agents, establishing the usefulness of the material. Concrete is a construction material also known as concrete, made from raw materials such as water, sand, cement, among others, in order to avoid cavities.

The word hollow can be used as a synonym for: hollow, void, hole, opening, among others. The antonyms of the term hollow are: roundness, projection, solid, elevation, and so on.

The hole translated into English is cavity.

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