Meaning of Prayer

What is Prayer:

The sentence is a syntactic unit with complete meaning that is made up of predicate and subject, the latter can be express or implicit.

The subject is the one who carries out the action or about whom something is said and the predicate specifies the action that the subject performs or what is said about the subject, likewise, in the predicate there is always the verb, for example Andrea (subject) plays with his friends in the yard (preached).

In relation to the above, according to phonology, sentences are delimited by pauses and with a specific intonation. The sentence is classified by the attitude of the speaker and by its syntactic structure.

The classification by the attitude of the speaker is composed of declarative sentences are those that communicate facts, situations or ideas; interrogative sentences request information directly or indirectly; exclamatory sentences express emotion or amazement; Exhortative prayers are those that express an order, requirement or prohibition; Desiring sentences express desire and, finally, doubtful sentences express possible or uncertain facts.

In turn, the syntactic structure is divided by: the existence or non-existence of the subject, if the subject appears either explicitly or implicitly, we are in the presence of personal sentences, on the other hand, if the subject is not found in the sentence, it is called impersonal; due to the type of subject, the sentence is passive if the subject is the one who receives the action, on the contrary, they are active sentences if the subject is the one who performs the action; type of predicate are attributive sentences if the verbs ser, be or appear accompanied by attribute are found and they are predicative sentences if there is no attribute; Finally, impersonal sentences are composed of unipersonal ones that contain verbs that refer to atmospheric phenomena, grammatical in the sentence the verbs do, be, have, reflex are present are sentences that do not have subjects and in the eventual sentences we cannot distinguish the subject.

Similarly, the term prayer has different meanings, it all depends on how it is used. Prayer refers to a speech given in public on academic or religious subjects.

Likewise, the word prayer in religious matters is the supplication, deprecation, prayer that God does, to the saints or to a divinity in addition to being the first part of Christian doctrine that is explained to children as the prayer of the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, among other.

The word prayer also refers to the point of the day when the bell is rung in churches for the faithful to pray the Hail Mary.

The topical or thematic sentence refers to the main idea of ​​a paragraph and determines the order of the secondary sentences that expand the context of the text a little more. The topical sentence can be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a text.

However, it is important that it is at the beginning of a paragraph that informs about what the paragraph will be about so that the reader becomes passionate about reading.

The word prayer comes from Latin oratio or orationis which means "speech".

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