Meaning of Goldsmithing

What is Goldsmithing:

Goldsmithing is the art of creating objects, decorations and accessories from gold, silver, metals and their alloys.

The word goldsmith has its root in the Latin word aurum indicating "gold" along with faber or fabri which means craftsman or worker.

The professional goldsmith is the goldsmith. The goldsmith, through an artisan process and using special techniques and tools, manages to use precious metals to create sculptures, jewelry, utensils and art in general.

See also Artisan process.

Goldsmithing as an art is located in the discipline of plastic arts, since it molds metals to give the imagined shape. Some of the techniques used in goldsmithing are:

  • Annealing: as its name implies, it consists of firing and annealing the metal so that it has a more moldable consistency.
  • Hammered: The metal is heated red hot while the metal is hammered into shape.
  • Melted: this procedure began to be used with the invention of closed furnaces. The metal is heated until it becomes a liquid and is then poured into a mold.
  • Embossing and openwork: mix the hammering technique, giving it volume. More malleable metal sheets are generally used.
  • Granulate: technique used to create beads or figures with almost imperceptible grains, especially with gold and silver.
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