Organization Meaning

What is Organization:

Organization is known as the way in which a system is arranged to achieve the desired results. It is a systematic agreement between people to achieve some specific purpose.

Etymologically, the word organization is of Greek origin "organon", which means instrument, utensil, organ or whatever you work with.

There are different types of organizations such as school, business, personal, social, political, technical, among others. However, in any organization it is formed by the interrelation between individuals, the ordering, and the distribution of the various elements involved, with a view to the same end.

It is noteworthy, an organization only exists when there are people capable of communicating and who are willing to act together to achieve a common goal. In it, there is a set of elements that are directly associated with the organization, such as: customers, suppliers, competitors, among others.

On the other hand, depending on the type of organization, there is a person who plays a key role in the leadership, planning and control roles of human resources and other material, financial and technological resources available in the company.

In addition to the above, an organizational process must be witnessed in which it allows to achieve an objective within the corporation. Therefore, the distribution of functions in accordance with the organizational structure is essential, to effectively comply with the processes agreed by the organization itself.

In business administration, an organization is understood to be a social entity formed by two or more people who work in a coordinated manner in a specific external environment aiming at a collective objective. It consists of the division of tasks and the assignment of responsibilities.

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