Meaning of Pride

What is Pride:

Pride is a masculine noun originating from the Catalan term pride, which in turn comes from the French term orgueil, and it is the characteristic of someone who has an exaggerated concept of himself, which can lead to pride, a feeling of valuing oneself above others.

Haughtiness, arrogance, verve, pride, pride, vanity and dignity are some synonyms for pride.

The word pride can have a positive or negative connotation depending on the context and the feeling it represents. It is a derogatory term when it refers to an excessive feeling of satisfaction that a person has with himself, according to his characteristics, qualities and actions. A proud person shows pride, haughtiness, vanity, arrogance, and may even show contempt for other people. In this case, the antonym of pride is humility.

The manifestations of pride are typical as rebellion, authoritarianism, envy, criticism, bad humor, anger, arrogance, etc.

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