Meaning of Orthodontics

What is Orthodontics:

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies, prevents, diagnoses, treats and corrects malformations, defects and alterations in teeth and bites.

The word, as such, comes from Latin orthodontia, which derives from the Greek roots ὀρθο- (ortho-), which means ‘straight’ or ‘correct’, and ὀδούς, ὀδόντος (odoús, odóntos), which translates ‘tooth’.

Orthodontics intervenes in cases in which there are abnormalities in the shape, position or relationship and function of the teeth and jaws.

Its main objective is to treat and correct these defects to keep the teeth in a healthy state and with a good appearance, since teeth in an inappropriate position make oral hygiene difficult, they are prone to fall out early, suffer unusual wear, and cause tension and pain. in the muscles involved in chewing.

Some of the most common conditions in orthodontics are overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, displaced midline, spacing, crowding, among others.

For the treatment of all these defects, orthodontics uses and controls different types of appliances, techniques and forces that make it possible to correct dental problems, such as appliances (fixed and removable), which allow teeth to move, retrain muscles or modify the growth of the jaws.

The specialist in this field is called an orthodontist.

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